The value of public relations to small businesses and entrepreneurs

First public relations (PR) does not equal Press Release. The industry provides far more than media attention to an organization-and so long as it’s positive, media attention is a good thing.

PR = Purposeful Reasoning; Premeditated Results; Performed Regularly; Positive Reputation; Public Reciprocation; Problem Resolution; Principled Rules

Without the alliteration PR is strategic, requires planning, and needs to be done often. Using PR ethically assures a positive image and targeted audience engages with the company. PR strategies and tactics can solve a host of problems. Certainly  traditional media sources can be an option. If your audience reads a local paper, then by all means work with local reporters and editors to get in to said paper or magazine. But there’s a whole host of strategies that might be used from community relations to corporate philanthropy, from public affairs to crisis management, from events to media relations and beyond. Depends on the business, the targeted audience, the message to be conveyed, time and budget.

Few people outside of the industry know the difference between  marketing, advertising, and public relations. Practitioners will tell you all are important and each has its place. Still it can be challenging for the business owner to know whether they need marketing ( help with product development, pricing, placement or promotion) or advertising (the only way to exactly control the message and brand) or public relations (engaging targeted audiences).  Some need all, some need only one or the other.

We hope to unravel the mystery here.


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