What’s in a brand color

My PR Coach chose colors of turquoise, golden orange and silver for a variety of reasons, but generally they fit the brand. Turquoise represents communication–what better color for a public relations? It has been used in amulets for health (needed when you start a new biz), protection (always good when you are going out on a limb), confidence and strength (great assets for a coach or entrepreneur).

Gold represents wealth and success–we think we can help you achieve that using public relations and marketing. If it rubs on us too, so much the better.

Orange represents enthusiasm (we have a lot of that), creativity, success, and encouragement (another perfect coach attribute).

Silver has a lot of meaning for My PR Coach. My initials “Ag” are element for silver. I sport a silver streak in my hair–it’s natural, the red isn’t. And silver represents high tech-something My PR Coach deals with in a webinar world. Often associated with silver tongued–my Irish heritage assures entertainment when speaking. I promise no BS.

So what colors did you choose for your brand? Haven’t figured that out, check out this expert> http://ezinearticles.com/?High-Impact-Color-Choices-for-Your-Logo-Design&id=5107390


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