New Year’s and Goal setting

Everybody’s doing it. Or says they are. New Year’s Resolutions and setting out plans, goals for the year. Couple of tips on this.

First-write it down. Really. We’ve gone further and made a vision board and written affirmations for each goal (thanks to Coach Alice’s advice).

Second: know the difference between a goal, a strategy and an objective.

Goal: BIG picture thinking. What do you want to achieve. My PR Coach is the preeminent public relations and marketing coaching service for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

A strategy describe HOW you get there: conduct social media marketing campaign to introduce the service.

An objective reflects the SMART numbers. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound. As in blog daily with interesting content valuable to small businesses.

Tactics are the steps you take to implement the strategies. Planning a calendar and budget may include just time, not funds. And then the critical element is evaluation.

Evaluation has two components: outputs and outcomes. Outputs are easy–did you blog daily? was the content interesting (measured against some criteria). Outcomes a little more challenging to secure: who found it valuable and why; is the value replicable, did it get you a sale, a new client, a client to deepen their relations with you.

These’ll get you started in planning. Here’s to setting–and achieving–lofty goals. Happy New Year.


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