Lasers won’t burn you

To define your target audience you need to laser in–hyper focus. We already mentioned that you can’t just sell to everyone. Figure out who needs your product. If you’re selling granite it’s homeowners or architects building homes or interior decorators or contractors remodeling them. But laser in: what else do you know besides that? What age are they? Gender? Where do they live? What do they drive?

Start with the demographic of who they are. If you’re in plastic surgery, your client is MOST likely middle aged, 40 something. (We know some young women start before they even have wrinkles or to build body confidence). Predominately female. Is she Caucasian? Other ethnicity? Woman of means.

If you are already in business, start tracking this information from your current customers. Conduct a survey that might assess product lines and at the same time capture demographics, thus feeding two birds with one seed. Doesn’t have to be long–in fact 10 questions or less. You will likely get less than 10% return, but you’ll start to get information about your clients’ interests and demographics. Figure out ethnicity, age, gender, income (ask in ranges), regional zip code. Get as much as you can so you can start figuring out where to find more clients like them.

As a bonus, asking them to provide feedback is great customer/member relations. Everyone loves to give their opinion when asked.

If you are just launching, try visualizing. Look for pictures of clients that might fit what’s in your mind’s eye. Then begin describing them by what you see. It’s a start.

The next step is then to figure out–where are these people communicating? We’ll get to that. Laser in on that audience. Know who they (he/she) are.


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