Your press release can’t reek of lava soap.

You’ve talked to the producers, editors and reporters and have a feel for what the media is looking for. So why aren’t they printing your press releases?

One solution is to be sure you understand AP Style. Media long ago lost the luxury of many proofreaders and copy writers. So they are more likely to use your material if it’s in the proper format. And make sure there aren’t any typos. The media use words for a living; respect them enough to know and use proper grammar and spelling. Can’t do it? Most office products have grammar check and spell check (but that doesn’t catch homonyms). That not working? Hire a professional. Now you’re starting to see why it costs so much to produce and pitch a media release.

You sell widgets? How do you feel when a client doesn’t send you specs correctly? You provide accounting services? Bet you love those clients who can’t bother to track their receipts or expenditures! You are an aesthetician? Don’t you love those people who ask for your advice on face cleansers and then tell you they use lava on their face? The media feel the same way about people who don’t use the language correctly, don’t know news and don’t know anything about what they produce. Don’t be the client who washes with lava soap.


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