Try to stand up now and “is”.

I doubt you’re standing while you’re reading this. So go ahead. Stand up now and “is”. Can’t “is”? I know. You already “are”. But often when people write about something, even stuff they are passionate about like their business, they write passively.
There are 15 benefits to my product. My product is green.

That’s nice. As in the boring intonation kind of nice. If you want notice for your information in the news or in your blog or even in speech presentations, stand up. Spin around. Flail your arms. Simultaneously pat your head and tummy. With words. Use active voice. Use words that move. Bring imagination to the story. No one wants to read a grammar lesson about passive voice full of “this is bad and that is terrible and those are even worse”. But if you take action with your language, you tell a story. A memorable story. One that makes you stand up and notice.


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