It’s my party, and I don’t want to cry

Media relations is time consuming. What worthy relationship isn’t? Some times you might not be able to build long term relations. There’s a reason big companies hire publicists and media relations staff. If done well, it can be a full time job and then some.

Consider ways to generate news: an event is a possibility. Events can be a useful tool for generating media, new clients, maintaining clients or investors–you must be very CLEAR as to what your expectations are for the outputs and outcomes. You can host an event and have 1,000 people attend. Out of context that seems like a lot. If you expected 100, it IS a lot. If you had capacity for 10,000 it’s not. If those 1,000 people attend, but they don’t spend their money buying anything, they don’t sign up for new info, they don’t know you exist let alone hosted the party, they just come consume your refreshments and leave, you just threw a party for nothing.

Think through who gets invited and why you want them there. Assure you know what you want to get out of attendees: sign up sheets, sales, media attention. The media can be helpful for demonstrating your product, if you provide the right venue and the picturesque environment. Be sure to send them a media advisory four to six months in advance, then a media release then a follow up email.

And remember, breaking news of some tragedy like an apartment fire may burst your plans (no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little).


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