Find the media with your small business clients

The key to getting the publicity for your company is knowing the best media channel for your business. Within traditional media you can choose newsprint, magazine, radio, broadcast options. To know which media to target you should really know who their audience is and whether their audience is a match to yours.

If you’re a dating service, you likely are targeting men. So you need to be on radio shows or in local magazines where men are the dominate audience. As a small manufacturer your media is less likely to be the local news and more likely to be trade journals for your industry. Businesses focusing on health care or healthier lifestyles such as naturopaths or organic facial products may want to look for a local health magazine that caters to an audience looking for health alternatives or provide health stories to daily or weekly newspapers.

Perhaps you want to reach the television audience: remember their medium is visual so you’ll want to think of what you can offer visually for the television news. Remember however they also have websites with additional content, so you can provide information through those venues as well. And television news is short! Less than 30 seconds of coverage is not a lot of time to cover your business–depends on your news.

Know your media’s audience and make sure they match your own.


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