Publicity for small business all hooks and angles

Yes, I’m a gal who knows how to fish, from rivers to media. Growing up along the Klamath River you learn the techniques of fishing: using the right hooks and weights, casting the line at the right angles. Working with the media is similar: you need to know the hooks and angles to reach the right publicity.

Probably the biggest challenge in seeking media publicity is finding the right hook to intrigue the reporter or producer. Traditional media sources need news 24/7. Newspapers not only need something to print but to put online and update regularly, as do broadcast media. They have a mixture of hard news, intriguing information on topics (i.e. health, education, business) and good news. Decide what you have to offer.

News story suggestions: expansion that employs people, whether contractors building new space or new employees; a new invention that improves people’s lives or solves a community problems.

Intriguing information: new technologies in health, a study showing unique results. Perhaps you developed a new skin care product with local ingredients. Your business brings recognition to the local community such as a local restaurant appearing on the Food Network or a national high end food chain picks up your candy.

Good news could be show casing a new staffer in the business section of the paper, or doing a food run through your store to give to charity or sponsoring an international student.

You just have to think like the media and know what their audience wants to know about. Then tell them what you  are up to.


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