What a press release looks like

Every one has heard of a press release, but what does it look like? A few simple rules: make sure your logo and contact info is at the top. Ideally have two contacts, but when you’re the sole proprietor not likely an option. Do have phone, email and website. Write a headline, and incorporate you company’s name in the headline or make the headline interesting. Remember, it needs to be catchy enough to intrigue a reporter/editor/producer’s eye as well as the readers’. You have to get to the media first.

Then follow AP Style. Bold the city, then start your paragraph. Write inverted pyramid format–that means put your most important information first, then the next most important until your last paragraph while relevant is the least important. Then if they cut your information, they at least have the critical information first.

Sample press release slide

Here’s a checklist for content.

  • Include the organization in your headline.
  • Use present or future tense and active voice.
  • Try to limit the release to one page (max two).
  • Cover all the basics: who, what, when, where, why, how and so what.
  • Use simple sentences, strong verbs, short sentences, and short paragraphs.
  • Cut to the chase.

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