Why a Media Release has Relevance

In this week’s Forbes issue, Aaron Perlut laments the media release and suggests the news release is worthless http://blogs.forbes.com/marketshare/2011/01/23/why-the-news-release-is-worthless-in-todays-social-media-age/.

If you’ll notice, what he really dislikes are bad releases. And that’s why it’s so important to understand the media you are pitching to, who their audience is, what they deem news worthy, how not to write a release with a brash agenda, and to be sure when you do write one its written well, succinctly and within news format. Whew! That’s a lot of know-how. But it can be learned.

With the art of writing a media release down you can send them to reporters or producers or editors or bloggers. All depends on the media and their audience you are trying to reach. Other suggested recipients for your news? Your own website. This helps with traffic to your site and keeps it fresh. But send the release to your contact list of clients and collaborators. Send it to investors or donors. Always good to have another tool to connect with for employee, member/client, donor/investor relations.

Now start writing your news.


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