Public relations media pitch isn’t softball

When you send a press release, usually you do it either with or after a pitch. A pitch is communicating with the media about your story idea whether you are talking to the business reporter, the TV news anchor or a blogger. Pitching each of them should be individually done. What a reporter needs may not match an editor’s needs or a blogger’s.

Ideally your pitch is a quick phone call or email that identifies your idea, why you think the media’s audience will be interested or why the media should cover it and a quick detail. You can either test the waters with the reporters to see if they like the idea and how they might want to tweak it or you can send the press release along, then follow up. Whatever approach you take, just like closing a sale you want to close the deal by asking if the reporters will cover the story or at least interview you for more information.

You’ll be the most successful if you demonstrate you understand that particular media’s objectives and audience by indicating that in your reasons for the story. If the media doesn’t like it, ask why not. Not to argue but to learn for next time.


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