Small business news ideas to share with media and clients

Most businesses, large or small, can generate news if they just pay attention and remember what they think is routine, is often unique news stories. You add a new machine that builds a different kind of widget–that’s news for a trade journal. An employee is added, promoted, taking on a different type of client development–that’s news for your website or for local business publications. The company is nominated (either by the owner, a client, or collaborator) for an awards program–news if you win. From the gambling mecca of the country: you can’t win if you don’t enter.

Try to keep in mind “who needs to know what we are up to”. Then find the best way to reach them. We’ve talked about using media releases for customer relations. If you have new equipment that expands your capacity–tell them. If you have a new client relations person, let them know. If your company’s New Year resolution is to give back to the community, update them when you start. Elicit testimonials from current and new clients–again share that on your website and as quotes in a media release, even if you only send to your client base and not the media. If you don’t use the media release format, perhaps it’s content for your client newsletter.

But that’s a blog for tomorrow.


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