Small business news blues survey solution

We’ve established that you want to share news of your company, but you have no idea what news you have to  offer. You didn’t launch any new service. No employees were added or are taking on a new role or promoted.

First consider if it’s time to do any of those things. Perhaps your “news” can be a client survey to attain customer feedback on your product, service or something else. Simple programs such as Survey Monkey can provide a quick 10 question survey for free and let you tabulate results.

An even simpler solutions is just ask three key open ended questions and see what comes back. Examples:

  • What do you like best about our products?
  • What do like least about our company?
  • How could we improve service or products to benefit your organization?
  • What service or product do you most need but can’t find anyone to provide it?
  • Describe how our product or service solved a problem, improved your work or life, or increased your satisfaction.
  • Describe the three tips you’ve used the most often.

You get the idea. Solicit feedback. See what comes in. Then figure out ways to improve your service or increase your client satisfaction. Then write the solutions in your next newsletter.


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