News small businesses can share

The economy and record high unemployment rates make any hiring news. Even if you are only expanding by one person, share with your clients and the local news. Perhaps you’ve expanded services, added a new program or product. Maybe this new person is an assistant or receptionist to manage your paperwork or billing more efficiently. Introduce them!

When you send the information to your clients, share a picture of the new person, their contact information and describe their role. Encourage clients to check in with the new staff. Send in your newsletter, post on your news section of your website–and be sure your contact or about page includes the new staff.

The local news may have a particular format for updates. They may have a simple line or two for people to watch or they may provide a few “column inches” dedicated to the new staff. Again send a quality picture of the new person or person getting promoted. Describe what the expansion will mean to clients and the community.

If you’ve had a new person for a while, maybe they can write a “guest” comment in your newsletter. Just take the opportunity to share with the clients and community that employees in your company are on the move.


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