Newsletter content solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs

One quick and easy way to provide content for a customer newsletter is to provide tips. Tips can be any number, smaller likely better, but up to you. The tips can be short in length. Don’t worry about giving away all you know; showing off your expertise helps client and prospects choose you.

Suggested tips:

Salon owners: don’t just sell me products or services. Tell me how to deal with cowlicks; describe the face designed for long/short hair; explain the multitude of differences in shampoos and conditioners-both the brand you sell and the ones you don’t.

For a Certified Public Accountant: share you best accounting practices. Describe the best software systems for accounting; how to set up that system; what pitfalls to avoid. Suggest best audit practices.

The stress reduction guru: share tips on breathing, finding positive energy or how to turn negative words and actions into positive.

Need more ideas? We can help with that.



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