Marketing Communications introduces a Small Business

Brand experts will tell you that defining your image and making sure all of your collateral from business cards to websites, from products to customer service align. Let’s get this clear: a brand is not a logo. A logo however is part of the brand.

Great tips on figuring out your brand is to run through a list of values and pick the top 10-12 that resonate with you. Then determine what colors, shapes, pictures emulate those traits. Your company stands on quality, integrity and free spirit? What demonstrates that visually? Whatever you choose make all your branded materials match. But be sure that what you choose matches your image.

You don’t want to create a loving-hands-at-home flier with all the doo-dad clip art and word art text and make a new version for every new class or program. Unless you are recruiting 8 year olds. Most paying clients aren’t looking for cartoons, or 3-D words, or calligraphy for every line.  I once hosted an event and the invite used gothic font–all the way through. Guests could hardly read it. Learned that lesson the hard way 20 years ago. Let’s not repeat it.


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