First impressions do define a small business

We’ve talked about brand elements such as picking your colors and shapes of your logo and elements that create the visual image of what you stand for. Be careful that you don’t mistake these steps to create art and try for art to be your logo. A stunning painting isn’t a logo. If you have a graphic artist produce a beautiful landscape or cityscape picture, you can use that as your inspiration in your office, but not as the main element for your collateral.

When a logo is designed it needs to be simple, easily recognizable, unique and printable. Choose the elements of color from the painting perhaps.

Your values and therefore your brand may include sustainability or eco-friendliness. Consider using recycled paper products. But carry your values through and use email to communicate. Put a message on the bottom of all your emails, websites, etc about reducing print by saving electronically. Demonstrate your commitment to saving the planet and how you plan to help your clients do the same. Live your values and integrate them as part of your brand.


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