Everyone isn’t interested in your small business.

I know. Hard to believe. If everyone was just aware of your business you’d be in business forever. You have a great green product. Everyone wants to go green, so everyone will buy your product. No. They. Won’t. Not EVERYONE is in a position to buy anything, let alone a green product. Not EVERYONE likes the kind of services you offer. The last time I looked there were 6000 non-profits registered in the state of Nevada–and that was years ago so it’s probably exponentially greater than that. EVERYONE just being aware doesn’t help your organization.

If only people knew what we did, they would come. They only come if they’re ghosts in a movie playing baseball. You need to build relationships with “them”. You need to hone your focus on who needs you or what you  have to offer. A vague EVERYONE, doesn’t make small businesses grow or expand an entrepreneur’s client base. Awareness is just the first step. Then you have to have something of value to EVERYONE. They need to be able know what exactly you offer. They need to assess if it’s worth it. Then they test it. THEN if they like it, you might actually have a client.

Best example of this whole process is a new restaurant in town. You hear it opens up in your neighborhood. Awareness. You walk by, see a menu on the window and think it sounds good. Interest. You ask your friends if they’ve ever gone.Better still you go out with those friends who’ve been and ask “what’s good?” Evaluation. So you try out something on the menu. Whether you go back and become a bona fide client all about the whole experience. You’ve heard it a thousand times–yeah, they’re okay, but….That “but” makes prospective customers not go in the evaluation stage. Enough of those moments and your restaurant closes. EVERYONE didn’t hear about your restaurant. Some checked it on the web or drove by. Some waited to hear if the early adopters liked it. some might even have come to your place. Some actually came back. It’s an entire process and if you aren’t paying attention to each step of the way, you aren’t in business.

Everyone isn’t interested in your small business. You need to find the ones who are.



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