Cyrano sends his regrets for your public relations.

I tweet. I don’t follow a ton of folks. Not followed by many either.  The purpose for me has been to monitor news, politicians and PR trends. It’s use for My PR Coach still being fleshed out. But when I tweet, or facebook or partake in any other social media: it’s me. You get the political stuff, even for my non-political clients. You get my humor. You get my random thoughts–as well as these posts or interesting articles I come across. Donna Brazile, political strategist, tweets. I follow her stuff–she was the first African American to direct a presidential political campaign. She recently tweeted that she just learned that some people hire ghost twitterers. From a public relations perspective, I’d say be careful in using this tactic.

You may find it valuable to use social media, whether LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or dozens of others to be explored. As a small business owner you may be concerned about time and want to outsource these tools. This can be done but be careful how you go about this.

I’ve seen PR pros use their personal name and then only promote their work agenda. Recommend against doing that. It’s not authentic and feels like you’re just selling all the time. If you have a work one and want to keep your lives separate, do so. But that’s double the work.  Some businesses or celebrities have those ghosters. If you use them, take the time to train them and be sure to clear what they write before every post first. You want your brand to be consistent. It’s very hard to develop that and mimic someone else’s tone. Not every writer for hire can match your brand in tone or style. So if you don’t know how to train the ghost writer, consider finding a different task to outsource and be your genuine self when you start your social media.

Because remember social media is like a giant cocktail party. You can’t send Cyrano de Bergerac in for you at a party. You can’t send him in for a social media excursion either.


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