What’s a small business to post on Facebook?

You decided to use a social media tool such as Facebook. Now what? Let me tell you that you don’t want to be the carnie hawking your wares and trying to get people to come to your “screamin’ deal”; the cliche comes from their yelling at you, I’m sure.

Not every client is motivated by bargains. Too many bargains and they may suspect the quality. You need to be careful that you aren’t cheapening your product or services by over offering incentives to Facebook fans. Certainly it’s okay to encourage people to come and check if your followers are paying attention. But occasionally. It’s called social media for a reason, it’s being  social. None of us like that gal at the party or the guy at the business network. You know them: they pump your arm in an over enthusiastic handshake and repeat “you’ll love my jewelry” or “I can getcha a good deal with my insurance company” repeatedly, as if they were the kibbles and bits dog. They seem to ping off the walls. You don’t want to turn in to them on your social media pages.

Mix it up. Offer insight about a trend in your field. Be sure you balance your insights and shared articles from other sources. You don’t want to share too many or you may not be seen as the expert because you only outsource your information. Talk about your product and how it makes a difference, say something unique about it. Share why you love what you do. The adage that people do business with people they like is still relevant. If they know more about you, they’ll feel they know you better and more likely to engage in your business-either as referrals or clients or both.


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