How not to get twitterpated for your small business

One way to look at the social media engagement is by the space: Twitter is 140 characters, Facebook is 420 and blogs are unlimited. Tweets can be links to the blogs, with limited comment about what you’re up to, as can Facebook. You really don’t want to repeat tweets on Facebook, you likely have overlapping audience–they are the most interested in you and will probably get bored if you just repost or it comes across as double post.

Tweets can be tips, or quotes or thoughts for the day. Some could or even should be personal–you just don’t need to share if you’re fighting with your spouse. Facebook posts can be more elaborated tips or features or benefits. Holistic healers might want to share the process; horse therapy experts might want to tell stories about the success of clients, without using names. If you do share success stories (weight loss, stress reduction, behavioral change-however you’ve improved lives), share pictures–be sure you get permission and have it in writing that you can post pictures. Blogs can be building more information, shared with other experts or more the reasons you love your field.

You just want to build on your message, layering like those death by chocolate cakes that seem two feet high.


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