Entrepreneurs can borrow a Lady Gaga page

Watching the 53rd  Annual Grammys and the brand that is Lady Gaga. What you have to admire is the depth of her brand and ability to maximize an event to layer that brand. Lady Gaga milked the anticipation of red carpet promenade by arriving in an egg. Her “womb” bearers discussed her “incubation” and ‘”delivery”  during her scheduled performance. Ryan Seacrest from E! indicated their show was the only one to “interview” her, well at least her handlers. The real time and twitter comments soared around the egg. The song she performs as she emerges from the egg is “Born this Way”. Talk about staying on message!

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Clearly an advisory went to the shows covering the red carpet fashions and a buzz was created, a basic publicity tactic. She planned the arrival-just how many blocks did the egg-bearers carry her towards the entrance, you have to wonder. Imagine the public affairs it took  for the Gaga production to work with the Grammy production team: The logistics alone from arrival and depositing the egg carriage likely needed finesse. Imagine convincing the producers of the musical awards show to steal their show as mutually beneficial.

Entrepreneurs should ingest three key points from the Gaga metamorphosis: planning is critical to effective public relations, every aspect from clothes, to transportation to message must reflect the brand and understand the audience (both media and the viewer) and give them what they clamor for-something they haven’t seen before.


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