Three brainstorming questions to find the right audience

Before you can even start to build a message for the audience you have to know something about them.  What kind of audience is looking for a program that offers behavior therapy using animals: those suffering depression, those who don’t adjust to their social norm, those who act inappropriately. Well it’s hard to reach depressed people, but maybe not their counselors. So maybe your audience isn’t directly to depressed people but actually counselors who could be trusted sources for their clients to find your business. Maybe its parents of troubled teens who act in appropriately? Maybe its social justice workers directly dealing with the consequences of those behaviors. You have to know the audience and walk yourself through the process.

Who needs what we have to offer: depression sufferers or badly behaved youth

Who else could influence the decision: counselors, juvenile detention, foster programs,parents

Where do we find them: when you think of the target audience at first its very broad, but when you start answering the questions, it gets a little easier to narrow.


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