The five C’s of message development for small business

When developing the message to promote your business, you need to be the Coach, then concise, contrasting, content-laden and conditioned.

First be the Coach. You’re the expert. Demonstrate it by offering educational information in your messages in the tools you use.

Second be concise. Keep It Simple Silly. Really, modern technology has assured we all have a short attention span. My PR Coach trains small business owners or entrepreneurs to how reach clients when they can’t afford advertising or outsourcing using public relations and marketing. That’s our message.

Make it contrasting. How are you different from the other guys? We’re not going to do the PR for you. We’ll teach YOU how to do it. We simplify all the public relations options by helping you choose what you need whether media relations or publicity or marketing communication and do it in a way that fits your limited time.

Be content-laden. Offer that expertise that is worth something to the client. Whatever your product or service is define their value whether its for cost, or health, or social justice or simplifying their lives. Just identify something important to the client.

And lastly condition the client. When you make your sales pitch be sure to have laid the ground work so the client is conditioned to ask you for help. Showing you are the expert, offering valuable insight and then suggesting if they want to know more, they can get that from you.

If you want to know more, you can check out what that is. We have a workshop on PR/Marketing for small business overview planned for March 19. We are developing specialized workshops on PR specialties such as media relations. Webinar workshops coming next. Check it out. We’ll coach you how to do your own.


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