Show your expertise is valuable

Ideally when you develop messages about your company you are providing value: whether you are using social media, traditional media, brochures or websites or other marketing materials or anything else. What’s valuable? Well, think about what would be valuable for you.

  • Can it save you time? (Yes, we use templates or it’s easy to use)
  • Can it save you money? (Yes, buy it in bulk or here’s what you’d spend if you did this other way)
  • Can it help you live better? (Yes, it makes you healthier, happy, relaxed, de-stressed, etc)
  • Can it simplify your life? (Yes, we get you organized, or planned or…you get the idea).

So figure out what VALUE you bring. Look at the benefits of your product, before you get in to the features. Answer these questions and see if they feel valuable. Then you can start building your message.


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