The five levels of client involvement

We’ve talked about the all important awareness. That’s just the first step. According to Luminary Leader Callan Bush out of 100% of your target audience, only 3% of them are actively looking for what you have. Only 7% are ready to buy what you offer. 30% are already aware of you, they just aren’t’ ready to buy from you now. As you can see awareness isn’t enough. Another 30% don’t even know they need you, even if you do. And 30% of your audience just aren’t going to buy from you. could be money, or timing, or that don’t like your style -whatever.

As a small business owner going after the 70% is what you need to focus on. For the 3% make sure your website is easy to maneuver and showcases your offerings (marketing communications). For the 7% you go to where they are so you can find them (publicity, community relations, events). For the 30% that don’t need you now, build your customer relations with them and educational value focus and condition them to need you and they will use you in the future. For that 30% who don’t even know they need you now, build your internal customer service and develop great referral programs.


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