Four ways to thank your clients, even in the bathroom

My hair stylist actually has a thank you note in a picture frame that thanks clientele for their patronage. I guess you need to stare at something while you’re sitting there. That might be a little over the top by keeping a thank you note in the bathroom–but I tell ya, I remember it don’t I?

Seriously do put “thank you” on all your client materials: receipts, your tax preparation cover letter, your appointment cards. It’s subtle but it does add up. My tax preparer sends me a great packet with a nice cover letter on it that I never read. I’m sure it says something about tax law updates and ask any questions. But if she put a post it note on there thanking me for my business, I’d remember.

Thank your clients for their business by offering them specials exclusive to them. A coupon, a discount for repeat business, you get it.

Another way to thank them is to promote THEIR business. Whether you let them leave leaflets at your place of business or share their events on your social media pages, helping your clients with their business is a very unexpected way to support them.

We all quit going to a company if we don’t feel valued. If we have a bad customer service experience and can’t resolve it satisfactorily, if we consistently don’t get our needs met. Don’t take your clients for granted.



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