50% of customers won’t go if a friend has a bad experience

Customer relations is critical in no matter what your industry. In the boom of construction, many friends were trying to get projects done and contractors had abysmal customer service. They wouldn’t return phone calls for weeks; they might start a project and be so over booked that they’d leave in the midst of a project and not complete it for months, leaving the client hanging with piles of construction material. Now those same folks are begging for work. The ones surviving the recession are those that lived by their word and kept their promises.

A customer who has a bad experience share it with two-thirds more people than they share a positive experience with. They”ll tell 17 friends a bad experience and only 11 a good one. Be sure you have a plan for customer service. Be very clear on what you can promise. No one enjoys being delayed. If you think a product will take a couple of days, be sure to give cush room for it to be delayed and suggest a week. Then deliver in a couple of days. Makes you get 11 positive referrals.


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