8 Tips for Time Management in PR

As a small business owner, an entrepreneur or even a non-profit, it takes the majority of your time to run your business. Whether making the cakes and candies or reviewing the taxes. Then comes the financial end–managing the books, sending out the invoices, paying the bills. Then there’s the sales part. No wonder public relations and marketing promotion falls to the bottom of the to-do. Eight things you can do to be effective in your PR:

  1. Schedule time to do the publicity. Whether you use an old-fashioned calendar or Outlook or some other system, write it down.
  2. Prioritize your website. Few consumers are using the yellow pages any more. Today’s websites are the new directories–with more info.
  3. Determine what media you need to be in to reach your audience. You might not need social media or traditional papers. Maybe you just need trade journals or the weekly alternative paper. Focus energy on the media that works for you.
  4. Establish a pattern for publicity: send a media release for every workshop. Pitch a monthly story (to various media), if you really have a story to tell on a regular basis.
  5. Use Tom Sawyer tactics: send your promotional materials to your list with referral incentives and let your customers promote you.
  6. Write your blogs in advance and use the scheduling tool for delivery.
  7. You have permission to not do every marketing option possible; choose the most relevant and likely to be successful to invest your time in.
  8. Outsource when you can’t do even the priorities. Utilize a staff person and get them trained or outsource to the many talented PR/Marketing professionals.

Know how much time you have and use it wisely.


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