Just how many hours does it take to blog?

Depends on how well you write. If you are comfortable with words and editing you can probably crank out a 250 word blog in about 30 minutes. But that takes practice. You have to be familiar with editing as you go; know your grammar and spelling; and how to use active words to make it interesting. Then it takes a few minutes to draft out your ideas. We’re compiling our blog to be a book eventually, so we write a week’s worth on the same theme and schedule it to come out when we are slogging away at client work, or hiding on an island for vacation.

If you just need practice probably an hour or two a day. If you do a daily blog. You might consider just blogging every other day or weekly, depends on your reasoning. Depends on what other media you are doing. For Search Engine Optimization and developing an expertise for the intangible’s such as coaching – I’d blog daily. If you are a contract manufacturer, you probably don’t need to blog about widgets daily. Weekly enough, but update your website frequently.

If you are horrible at writing, seriously consider outsourcing. Just be sure the person you use can figure out how to ghost write for your business “voice”. You don’t want the blog written so grammatically correct as to get an “A” in a college paper. NO body writes that way. So if it’s to be you, a call-’em-like-you-see-’em approach, then make sure your outsource expert can do that. And that they can crank out a blog in 30 minutes. to an hour.

How many hours does it take to blog. If we were the Tootsie Pop owl: Lick, “one”; Lick, “two; lick “three”. CRUNCH. “Three”. Or three hours to do a week’s worth of blogs. Now where’s my Tootsie Pop.



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