Five tips on building your media list

“Media” is a giant word and references a variety of organizations. Used to be reliably one or two local papers, two or three TV stations and maybe a couple of radio. Now there are all kinds of stations, cable, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, social media sites…where to start.

First tip is to remember to know your audience. Are they TV watchers? Do they get their news from local papers or national? Do they read trade magazines or alumni publications?

Second build your list. You can do it the old fashioned way by creating a spreadsheet and putting the reporter/editor/publisher named, role, Beat if they have a specific one, media, phone, fax, email, website. Look them up individually.

Third option is to use a media service. Sometimes its worth paying for someone else to do the work. Several groups offer lists and provide the information above for a price. If you want your product to stay local, you can probably get a smaller list. National exposure is going to cost more.

Another option is to check with your local chamber of commerce or small business development center who might be compiling that information for businesses.

Don’t forget to check the materials that you read: trade journals, small business magazines, newsletters for the Chamber of Commerce. Keep the contacts for these publications on your media list as well.


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