Four basic Facebook Courtesies for Small Business posting

The Facebook page for your business may be a key ingredient for building your business. It certainly is great for customer relations and eliciting feedback. As you develop your pages and provide quality content one thing to consider is the etiquette of this new media. Just as people learned that cell phones at the table or in the movies or talking loudly are bad form, there are inappropriate approaches to Facebook usage, which could apply to others. Until someone writes that great book on Facebook etiquette, here’s three tips to not annoy your readers or other people/businesses.

  1. Space your posts. Please if you are catching up on your reading and love five articles and three posts your friends sent, choose wisely which one you share. It’s like an over sharing of the “reply to all” in email and it just junks up the posts for your followers. One or two successive posts reasonable: 3, 5, 10 really irritating. Be choosy about sharing. Space your posts throughout the day; don’t do a post dump.
  2. Go easy on the updates. Updates are great for reaching your audience with specific news such as an event or new product or fresh face on the team. This is a good tool to make sure your followers see the post. Especially if others are doing the multi-post. I’m not scanning down beyond three hundred of the most recent posts or anything greater than an hour. You want me to be sure to read it–send it in an update. But don’t put your regular post or quotes or pithiness in my box. If I wanted to hunt that down, would have.
  3. Don’t just throw your two cents on other people’s business pages, especially to offer a service or product. That’s just spam. Some local business related sites I’ve seen allow that to happen and it turns their page into a classifieds. That’s going to keep interested readers off your page. If it happens to you, delete the post and reach out to the poster and ask them to either get permission or not sell their stuff on your site. It’s rude.
  4. If you want to post something to interest others in your service, be subtle. Respond to a query or statement related to your service or business and showcase that expertise–without selling anything.

You don’t get to stuff ballot boxes; you don’t get to send spam; and you don’t get to be a posting pig. No offense to pigs.


2 thoughts on “Four basic Facebook Courtesies for Small Business posting

  1. Great post! I think I should print these out and tape them to my screen. I know that I am guilty of the multiple dumps of likes and comments. Now that I run a small business I am not in front of the computer all the time, because I am actually out in the community teaching and working. I tend to sit down for an hour or two with the goal of trying to get my messages out. Of course then I get excited and distracted by friends posts and want to share that too. OVERKILL! Tweetdeck has an option to schedule updates instead of immediately sending them. I pledge to use that feature more often. The bonus is that by using that feature I can appear to be “always on” even though I am actually unplugged.

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