Social Media sucked out my brains today

There’s the day job, the professorial gig and the business and then eking a personal life. Trying to stay abreast of news, watch trends, advocate on issues, help clients, monitor other businesses, follow mentors, help students, review competition. My primary social media are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. I check in on a few blogs, articles, and shared tips by others experts. Then responding to all the email. I know email isn’t social media, but there’s LinkedIn, Facebook, personal, two for business (one for direct, one for information), day job.

Some days, the digital world and social media just suck everything out of you. And all your time. I broke a cardinal rule–didn’t stick to my allotted time. I schedule in two hour block how much I will review social media and monitor all those trends, time to blog for the week, time to promote MyPRCoach, time for the business finances. And time to play. Wish I’d stuck to that schedule today. Sometimes the day just goes like that.

Pretty sure the world didn’t end. So I’ll get back on schedule. But tomorrow. After I walk away from the social media.


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