Two reasons why social media voice control important

My clients aren’t the size of Aflac or Chrysler, but we can always learn to lessons from big companies and outsourcing. The Chrysler situation involved an employee for the agency handling the Chrysler account who made a expletive enhanced derogatory tweet about Detroit drivers. He was fired. So was his agency. The voice for the Aflac mascot duck Gilbert Gottfried did what comedians do on his personal twitter account–made tasteless jokes about the Japan situation. Apparently 75% of Aflac’s market comes from Japan.

Clearly with the Chrysler situation a representative used a personal voice instead of a corporate one. Small business owners not likely to use outsourced voice, but may. What can be learned from this incident is trying to be hyper cognizant of using social media. While it is a cyber cocktail party–thus the “social”–as more and more businesses use it and people connect, you have to maintain a vigilance of everything posted. The old adage of only say it if you’d want to see it as a headline in a newspaper has a lot more reality–but the newspaper delivered is a door opening to a limitless horizon; not just your porch.

The second lesson is to be mindful of what you post. Swearing among friends is one thing; swearing on tweets another. Avoid it. Or it can bite you like an Aflac duck on a twitter bug.


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