Media Definition for Business

“The Media” means different things to different people. For most, it probably still means the news media and the traditional venues for access: television, newspaper and maybe radio. These media are still highly valuable for small businesses and publicity–depending on what constitutes news or stories.

From the public relations perspective, and the media for that matter, not every story pitched is going to be news. News is just that: new, interesting, filled with conflict or controversy.  News examples might be your business is expanding, hiring large numbers of employees, moving, attaining international contracts. this can suit print, broadcast, and online media sources. Reporters you need to contact are business or news, depending on the significance.

Feature stories won’t go to the news desk. When you are putting a face on your product or service, then the Lifestyle or community sections of a newspaper work. More depth may need to go into a magazine or weekly paper. These kinds of stories can be problem solving for the community such as a park clean up or school play ground renovation that your company sponsors through community relations. Might be a touching story of someone’s health revitalized by product. Could be a feature of you as the business owner since many magazines and papers do profiles.

What is important to remember is to pay attention to the media you want to get in to; know why you want to be there; and have something of value for that media to share to their audience. Learn what’s newsworthy; your reporters will thank you.

Want to know how to determine what’s newsworthy about you? Check out our seminar this Thursday, 3/24/11.


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