Three Media options for small business

Remember the vastness of media. Some of your business needs may never be for local media, although I can make an arugment that you probably should at some point. For the moment, let’s say you don’t have local “news”. So what media do you need to reach? Any that your audience is likely to view/read/listen to.

Trade journals or trade magazines. Whether you are a contract manufacturer or an education software producer there are trade publications in your field. Find them. What do you read? Your clients may likely do that too. Look at conference publications, newsletters in the industry. They all need content. Pitch it right and it could be yours.

Bloggers. Read the leaders in the field. Your product is women specific? There are a million, bazillion blogs for women. You can find the top 100 picked by Forbes. My favorite happens to be BlogHer. You start slow by commenting on blogger’s content. Follow them. Develop your expertise. Just like the rest of media relations. You can’t just send them a media release and expect them covering your topic and all about you for free. Would you do that for them in your business? Nothing turns off the media (whether traditional, blogger, etc) than being pitched, especially not news.

Magazines. Is your audience likely to read magazines? If your product is chocolate or cookies or other yummy foods, getting into food magazines such as Bon Appetit or Gourmet might be the holy grail. Or maybe the list of Oprah’s favorite things. But even a Good Housekeeping pitch for your product will get national attention, even if you only get a couple of column inches.

The point is, plenty of media exists. You can’t get them all–even if you outsource with some of the best PR firms. Decide for your business which channels will get you the most coverage for the audience you want. Then make your pitch.


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