Five Common Publicity Mistakes

1. Know the media: Daily newspapers are not the same as weekly papers, are not the same as magazines are not the same as blogs are not the same as broadcast. Know the media you are trying to get in. And develop your pitch and media release accordingly.

2. Understand what constitutes the news: The media is a business, but they are not in the business of promoting you for free. If you have something newsworthy they’ll cover it. If you don’t, buy an ad.

3. Asking for coverage of the company rather than offering information to fit their audience: The media want news or stories to benefit their audience, demonstrate how to do that. Really, it’s not all about you or your business. Only your birthday is.

4. Invite the media individually: Imagine how a reporter or editor or blogger feels if you’ve sent your media invite to all the competition in the area—not special. Dollars to donuts they’ll assume the competition will cover the story—then no one does. Pitch each media separately. And refer to rule number one.

5. Be trustworthy: Learn AP style and be sure your media releases are 100% error free. You’d be amazed how many pitches aren’t even looked at because the content would take too much to edit.



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