Three tips Make the Time to Promote Your Business

My brother and I are both business owners. He’s marking a 10th anniversary as a contract manufacturer. Mine hasn’t been up and running that long. When we discussed my business idea, he told me the one key value I could bring to a small business owner, especially sole proprietor, was to save time for public relations or marketing approach. I have that conversation in the back of my head with every blog post, every one-on-one, every workshop.

The one critical piece is to determine out of all the many option in public relations (community outreach, public affairs, government affairs, internal relations, media relations, publicity, events, etc), which is going to work the best for the client based on skill, time, and industry. There’s a reason the public relations agencies charge good money to do the work they do: all of those elements take time, talent and tenacity. Media relations is not a simple process of write a press release, get media coverage. We’ve talked about what it really is in previous posts. So we have to pick the elements that can be done.

The second critical element is commitment. It takes 60 days to make something a habit. Public relations needs to be a habit for the business owner. Whatever you start, do. Do well. You don’t need to do all of it. When you get that big, you can hire the pros. To build to be that big, you have to go deep not broad in the efforts.

The third trick is the hard one: make time. We all say we don’t have time to exercise. Until we have a health scare or change our mind about it. Then we make time. Pretty soon exercise is routine. We say we don’t have time to cook slow food–till we do. We don’t have time for vacations—till we take one. You get the drift. If it’s important, and public relations and marketing are important to your business, then you can make the time.


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