Layer Your Message like Baklava

Part of what can be overwhelming for a small business owner or entrepreneur can be the inordinate amount of media available. A paralyzing fear can be having to write something for company website updates, write something for the e newsletter, write something for the media, write something for the blog, write something for the mini-blogs (like Twitter or LinkedIN) or something for the Facebook or …. Yes, all that writing can be daunting.

The good news is you don’t have to write a lot of new material for each.

Determine your theme for the week. Are you showcasing your expertise? Providing educational information on the topic? Building client relations? Figure out what you want to focus on for the communications.

Write the blog or the website update or the e-newsletter. Then layer the message. Extrapolate info for the social media elements and link to the blog or web. Elicit questions related for the week for interaction. Remember not all the same people are on all the media elements that you use and even if you have some overlap they aren’t all going to see every post or read every e-newsletter. So it’s okay to layer your message in all the mediums.

Then the message is just rose honey to the filo layers of media.


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