Twelve tips for being on TV.

If you get an interview with the television media here are some tips for preparation.

  1. Wear dark colors, to be taken seriously. Keep a business jacket handy so you can spruce up your look if you have a casual office.
  2. Think of visual elements for the camera–stand up against a wall with interesting pictures. Ideally a sign with your logo.
  3. Provide appropriate fact sheets or other relevant information for the reporter. Just don’t kill him/her with so much info they can’t read it. Include your business card.
  4. Stand straight and keep your eyes on the reporter. The camera is just equipment, no need to stare at it.
  5. Say what you have to say with a smile; just don’t leer, especially if it’s a serious subject.
  6. Always assume the camera is recording. So watch the jokes or other inappropriate comments.
  7. If you make a mistake, stop. Say you can redo that statement better and say it again. They’re going to edit anyway.
  8. Answer the questions honestly. If you don’t know, say so, bridge to what you do know. Then follow up with the info.
  9. At the end most reporters ask if there’s anything else, be sure you use that time to reiterate the message you want to get across.
  10. Be respectful of the reporter’s deadlines–so meet when you say you will. Help them out with the topics since you are the expert.
  11. Relax and enjoy. Remember you’re the expert on the topic. Be confident.
  12. Once it airs be sure to link the spot to all your websites, social media sites, email news, etc.

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