Misuse of Grassroots and Media Impacts All

Dave Meslin brings up some really good points from a public relations perspective  about how disengaged the average citizen is from public policy, which impacts us all. He’s talking about Canada, but the points could all point to t US with the exception of charitable organizations can do advocacy, just only 10% of their funds can be dedicated to it.

The media should take note about providing information for readers on how to engage, whether for a political party and advocacy effort or a candidate. It’s not an ad or an endorsement to provide information. His points about the parties and especially city engagement are brilliant. Public notices are still written in the fashion they were from the 18th century! We could modernize information. The lawyers will get over it. People would be much more engaged in their community and the policies that affect them. Of course, some of that will require actually sticking to timelines and planning well. Perhaps the city council or county commissioners should only meet in the evenings, when citizens are likely to be able to attend.

Check out the video. See what you think.


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