Public Relations like Spring Daffodils

Every year, I’m delighted by the daffodils. The variety and color options astonish me every year, even though I planted them. From the bright all yellow to all white, from pale yellows with cream or deep yellow or orange centers. and i appreciate their clusters growing each year. But these bulbs remind me of public relations.

Everyone thinks public relations is just schmoozing and throwing parties-like the blooming days of daffodils. They don’t see the behind the scenes toiling to get the soil right for the bulbs. Public relations is often laying groundwork in a first introduction, whether to a prospective client, a new confirmed client, an investor, etc. They don’t see the arduous, thankless task of planting the bulbs when the weather is cold and the rest of the summer flowers are dying back. Relationships take time to build. You may need to spend time with people, figuring out their needs and interests and reaping nothing from it. But that’s okay. Because eventually spring comes, the relationships that you’ve fostered with the good soil, the right planting time, the protection from pests or pets, pays off in the spring.

Seasonally it’s too soon to plant more bulbs, but metaphorically, plant away. Public relations work is worth it in the end.


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