How to get a speaking engagement.

One public relations strategy to consider is public speaking, more specifically a speaker’s circuit to get in front of your audience. Many professional groups seek engaging speakers to both educate and entertain their members. If you offer a business to business service such as coaching or accounting or human services solutions, you should be talking in front of groups of business owners and professionals.

Most host their events either at breakfast or lunch and have speakers either for 15, 30 or 45 minutes–depending on their programming needs, and how much time they need for their own program content. Many plan month to month. some are talented enough to plan several months out. Just check when you connect about availability.

The list of options is endless. You name the profession there’s an association for coaches, public relations practitioners, human resources experts…pick one. Then there’s service organizations such as the Soroptimists, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc. Mentor programs. The numbers of professional groups are boundless. If you are a member of a group, offer to conduct one of the programs. Worried the group wants an”out of town” expert, trade with a sister city, so if you live in Reno go to the Sacramento version of your group (assuming you can provide out of area business). Not a member? Know someone who is? Ask them to bring you to the meetings or better connect you with the program chair. At your groups or through your emails indicate you are looking for speaking engagements, it’ll come around.

Now you just have to figure out what to say. Don’t forget you’re the expert.


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