Checklist for the Speaking Engagement: 8 Things to Bring

Being the guest speaker in front of a group of prospective clients or prospective referrals affords a prime opportunity to showcase your brand. Certainly you need to prepare the speech. But even more so you need to prepare for the audience. You’ll want to make sure you provide content in your speech and content to present yourself. Here’s a quick checklist of what to bring:

  • Handouts of the presentation. Whether you actually use a slide presentation or not, make handouts from a slide presentation with either two or three slides per page. Many people want to take notes and not everyone is going to be bringing a laptop to a breakfast or lunch engagement. Up to you on cutoff, but up to 50 attendees needing handouts a good rule of thumb.
  • If it’s a more tech savvy group with ipads or smartphones, provide a link to your slide show. Or provide flash drives if you can afford it.
  • Be sure to start a hashtag for the Twitterati. Follow up on other social media platforms.
  • Provide information about you, your company and/or your services, whether a brochure, rack card or one-sheet.
  • Business cards-yours.
  • Sign up sheet or other mechanism to capture list of attendees.
  • A special offer, incentive for this audience only.
  • Wanna class it up? Put all items in a portfolio with an outside label of your logo–stickers are cheap and easy way to brand stuff.

Of course preparation includes knowing the venue and what’s available, but that’s another post


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