What PR tips small business owners need for vacation

You have to take a vacation, yep even small business owners. We bust the myth that owners work whenever they want on a daily basis. While not really 24/7, it may just feel that way. The “day job” is producing the product or providing the service. The “moonlight job” is running the business–accounting, bookkeeping, public relations, follow up. Yep, it all matters. but rejuvenating the spirit and body is worth investing in; even if you just work out a really STAYcation and play in your garden. If you do a staycation, commit to not doing any work. Really, none.

Now that I’ve convinced you to take that vacation, here are some public relations tactics to consider.

  • Do you need to tell any or all of your clients that you are taking vacation? If you are a shop owner and intend to close, yes. Perhaps you don’t need to close because you’ve trained someone well enough and that you trust enough to leave them alone for a week. If you provide a service–it depends on whether you’ve met deadlines and/or allow for email communication.
  • If you can’t meet the deadline, negotiate a new expectation. Saves a lot of headache.
  • Communicate the vacation timeline. Send emails or use the message center email service to indicate you are away. Provide the alternate contact if that’s an option.
  • Post signs in the storefronts–but don’t make tacky handmade signs. Invest in a quality sign-doesn’t have to be an engraved plaque but please don’t slap a flag on a word doc and say “closed for the 4th of July”. Keep your professional image.
  • Plan out those deadlines and meet them prior to going. The less hanging over your head the better you’ll relax and the fewer fixes you’ll need to come home to with unhappy clients expecting something that didn’t happen.
  • Check your insurance policies and be sure you’re covered for likely contingencies.
  • Stuff happens every day, whether you are on vacation or not. Don’t worry about it while you’re relaxing, it will all be there when you get back.

Take that vacation. Rejuvenate. Do what makes you happy whether it’s spas or hiking or extreme adventures. You’ll be amazed when you come back. BTW My PR Coach on vacation this week–checking off an item from our bucket list. We’ll blog in a week. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.


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