Three steps to create your message

Everyone knows about the “30 second elevator pitch” and that as a small business owner or professional you should be able to use it to talk about your business.

What we aren’t sure of is how to do that, or at least not well. You message about your company needs to do two things: showcase your expertise and fit the needs of the client. Often business owners stop at the expertise. It takes three steps to create a message: define the client, suggest solutions and describe the benefits to them.

To fit the needs of the client, I recommend you figure out exactly who your client is before you even start. I’m talking seriously visualizing minute details. Targeting women 25-35? Ok. You have a long way to go

Define: ethnicity (if it’s relevant), marital status (married or single), parent status (mom to how many?), shopping habits (mall or boutique or online), eating habits (vegan, slow food, organic, no specialization), and more. Figure out what her lifestyle is. Married professional women have hectic lives–they do three times the work their spouse does: their job, their parenting, their household.

Offer solutions in your message–your business will save time, make life easy, etc. A salon can either offer latest styles in half the time or pampering service with every hair cut. A women’s professional group can offer support for the juggling woman and extra hands to catch the pins. An accounting firm can assure one less thing to worry about.

Then show case the benefits. A little pampering helps her de-stress for her family. Personal and professional support can assure success. Worrying less a small business owner can focus on growth.

Then string it all together: Zenith salon pampers each client while providing the latest look. Network with women who support the professional while understanding the needs of the individual. Stella CPAs keeps an eye on your books so you can keep your eye on the stars.

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