The three secrets for making your message work


In the process for building your message about your offerings or services we told you to define the audience, provide a solution and showcase the benefits. Your audience is in mind, you have the language to connect solutions and benefits.

Now hone that message and make sure it is

  • concise-no one talks in long grammatically structured sentences
  • credible-we don’t believe superlatives, avoid saying you are the “best”, “new”, “improved”
  • contrasting-why you and not a competitor
  • memorable -we have short attention spans thanks to all the technology, make it sweet
  • persuasive-make the ask, take action
  • Then  REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT-say it till you are sick of it, then say it again. Remember you will hear it all the time, but your audience doesn’t.

Test your message with your audience. If it works stick with it, again till you’re sick of it, then say it some more. If it doesn’t, adjust till it does. Now go out and repeat.


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