How to do a radio interview

Several radio stations offer programming that might be an opportunity for you to reach listeners. If you listen to a program, likely your audience will be too. Some are willing to provide interviews for free; some use paid interview time as means to keep the program on air. Check your local resources.

When you get the interview here are a few tips to make it sound great on air:

  1. Provide an outline of questions you can answer for the host. Make them general enough to provide flexibility in the interview but with enough focus to showcase your talents. Do this a few days in advance so the host has time to prepare.
  2. Know what messages you want to get across in your allotted time–five minutes, 20 minutes or 50 minutes in a show makes a big difference.
  3. Be sure to check with the host for opportunities to promote your website or phone number or both.
  4. Sit up straight in your chair, get close to the microphone (almost like you are going to eat it). Might be uncomfortable, but you want to be heard. Get over it.
  5. Smile, throughout the interview. People can hear it in your voice. Trust me.
  6. If you talk with your hands, make sure your hands are away from the microphone and not pounding the counter. You don’t want it to sound like a drummer is in the interview.
  7. Share what you know. TALK to the host; it will come naturally. It’s just a great conversation.
  8. Then post on all your venues to promote the show: Facebook, website, twitter, linked in. You get the drift.

Want to hear how it’s done? Check in with Having It All with Jenifer Rose FM 99.1 this Saturday, June 11, at 5pm or Sunday, June 12 at 8am.


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