Is your online presence Boutique or Costco?

When you’re shopping for toilet paper or tires and you need large quantities for cheap you go to Costco. When you want that special occasion dress, you go to your favorite boutique because of the unique items, good fit and worth the splurge.

So when you write your website, blog, or Facebook content are you writing for Costco or the Boutique?  Google doesn’t think much of the Costco approach in their algorithms for sites. They are looking for the high-quality sites with unique items, a good fit and worth the effort.

They have 23 suggestions on things to ask yourself if your site is valuable to prospective users. Interestingly the questions break down to trustworthiness, accuracy, expertise and depth. Wouldn’t you want to be seen as the expert in your industry? Editing errors happen, but consistently being error prone makes it hard to take you seriously. If you can’t write, outsource to the experts who can.

Provide meaningful content. No one wants to be “sold”. Ease up on the ads. Newsprint used to the most “views” on the pages with 2/3 ads and 1/3 articles (not the full page ads). Today’s online must be closer to 90% content, 10% ads–if that. You have information and insights in your field  whether you make candy or use healing arts. Talk about the passions and provide insight that no one else has. That gets the notice of  the search engines. Make sure there’s a uniqueness in your posts on blogs, websites, social media. Be careful not to be so efficient that all the pages look the same-there’s a balance between using similar ideas for other blog sites and over posting the same article. Over duplication can actually put you at the bottom of the search engine list.

Treat your content like the boutique experience. Save the Costco approach for buying toilet paper.


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